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20 Mar 2023
Emotet malware now distributed in Microsoft OneNote files to evade defenses
The Emotet malware is now distributed using Microsoft OneNote email attachments, aiming to bypass Microsoft security restrictions and infect more targets. Emotet is a notorious malware botnet historically distributed through Microsoft Word and Excel attachments that contain malicious macros. If a user opens the attachment and enables macros, a DLL will be downloaded and executed that installs the Emotet malware on the device.
Once loaded, the malware will steal email contacts and email content for use in future spam campaigns. It will also download other payloads that provide initial access to the corporate network. This access is used to conduct cyberattacks against the company, which could include ransomware attacks, data theft, cyber espionage, and extortion.
While Emotet was one of the most distributed malware in the past, over the past year, it would stop and start in spurts, ultimately taking a break towards the end of 2022.
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