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13 May 2019
Bug in Alpine Linux Docker Image Leaves Root Account Unlocked
A security vulnerability in the Official Docker images based on the Alpine Linux distribution allowed for more than three years logging into the root account using a blank password.
Tracked as CVE-2019-5021, the vulnerability has a critical severity score of 9.8. It was initially reported in build 3.2 of Alpine Linux Docker image and patched in November 2015, with regression tests added to prevent it from occurring in the future. However, a new commit was pushed later that year to simplify the regression tests.
A subsequent commit removed the "disable root by default" flag from the 'edge' build properties file, allowing the bug to regress in the next builds of the image, starting v3.3 to 3.9. The vulnerability was fixed and closed on March 8, 2019, but it could have been solved sooner as it was rediscovered and reported on Agust 5. It slipped through because it was not flagged as a security problem.
To mitigate the issue on systems that still run vulnerable builds of the Alpine Linux container, Cisco Talos recommends disabling the root account.
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Windows 10 says Hello to no passwords with FIDO2 certification
Microsoft has passed another milestone on its quest to kill off passwords. The company has now gained official FIDO2 certification for Windows Hello, the Windows 10 biometric authentication system.
The certification applies to Windows 10 version 1903, aka the May 2019 Update, which is scheduled to be released to the public in late May and means Windows Hello has been approved as a FIDO2 'authenticator'. Consumers can expect to start seeing FIDO Certified logos on new Windows 10 PCs, and they'll be able to sign in to online accounts using Windows Hello on all PCs upgraded to version 1903 using the FIDO2 standard.
The certification is part of an industry-wide push for passwordless sign-in, which includes the WebAuthn or Web Authentication WC3 standard that's supported by Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. The standard also has preview support in Apple Safari while Chrome on Android has been officially FIDO2 certificated. The Windows 10 1903 FIDO2 certification extends beyond Microsoft's own software. For example, Windows 10 users who prefer Mozilla Firefox will be able to log into their Microsoft Account and other FIDO-supporting sites with Windows Hello. Additionally, users of Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge will be able to do the same soon.
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