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27 May 2019
Github provides a new tool to secure your code
According to GitHub, inety-nine percent of new software projects depend on open source code. This extensive code reuse helps everyone build better software faster than ever before, but it also puts us all at risk of distributing security vulnerabilities from our dependencies. It’s more important than ever that every developer becomes a security developer—that they responsibly disclose vulnerabilities and patch vulnerable code quickly.
On the 23rd, GitHub announced several new security features designed to make it easier for developers to secure their code.
Enhenced security vulnerability alerts: since GitHub sent almost 27 million security alerts for vulnerable dependencies in .NET, Java, JavaScript, Python and Ruby
Dependency insights: a tool that gives an overview of the dependencies of the projects and their security state to assess your project exposure.
Token scanning: scans your repository to find AWS, GCP, Twilio and other tokens to avoid data breaches.
Automated security fixes: when your project uses an outdated and unsecured dependency, an automated pull request is created with the commit to update the version.
A lot of good tools to implement internally to protect your company.
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Massive leak of hundreds of millions of title insurance records
On Friday, independent security journalist Brian Krebs revealed that the real estate and title insurance giant First American had 885 million sensitive customer financial records, going back to 2003, exposed on its website for anyone to access.
Krebs reports that the exposed records included Social Security numbers, driver's license images, bank account numbers and statements, mortgage and tax documents, and wire transaction receipts—an absolute treasure trove for any scammer or identity thief.
The hack was simple: an attacker who figured out the format of the company's document URLs could have input any "record number" they wanted—beginning with "000000075," according to Krebs—and pull up the documents associated with that customer case. First American took down the site that populated the records at 2 pm ET on Friday.
The First American exposure is a major incident, because it underscores just how little progress many institutions have made on locking down customer data. Perfect security is impossible, but the stakes are incredibly high and many large organizations still overlook basic errors.
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