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5 August 2019
'Urgent/11' Vulnerabilities Affect Many Embedded Systems
Security researchers with security vendor Armis have disclosed 11 different zero-day vulnerabilities within VxWorks, a real-time operating system used in some 2 billion embedded systems that include medical devices, routers, VOIP phones and even mission-critical infrastructure equipment, the company detailed on Monday. This collection of vulnerabilities, which Armis calls "Urgent//11," could lead to remote code execution and allow an attacker to take over a whole system without interacting with the user. Of the 11 flaws, six are deemed critical.
VxWorks is a widely-used real-time operating system that is owned and maintained by Wind River, headquartered in California. Unlike Microsoft Windows or Linux, these types of operating systems are found in various embedded and internet of things systems and typically process data quickly and allow for a high-degree of reliability. VxWorks has been deployed across different markets for more than 30 years and is still used in numerous embedded systems and IoT devices, including mission critical supervisory control and data acquisition systems, such as elevator and industrial controllers, as well as patient monitors, MRI machines, firewalls, routers, modems, VOIP phones and printers.
What also makes the vulnerabilities deemed critical a security concern is that the Armis researchers found that since flaws do not require user interaction, an exploit using remote code execution could spread malware from one vulnerable device to another within a network in the same way that the WannaCry ransomware and a newer Windows vulnerability called BlueKeep are both "wormable"
The URGENT/11 vulnerabilities affect all versions of the VxWorks software starting with the 6.5 release. The flaws, however, do not affect products designed for certification - such as VxWorks 653 and VxWorks Cert Edition - which are used by selected industries such as transportation, according to Armis.
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Capital One Data Breach Affects 106 Million People, Suspect Arrested
Capital One has announced a data breach that has exposed the personal information of 106 million people that includes transaction data, credit scores, payment history, balances, and for some, linked bank accounts and social security numbers. The data breach was discovered when a ethical hacker responsibly disclosed the vulnerability to Capital One on July 17th 2019. After performing an internal investigation of whether this vulnerability had been used in the past, Capital One discovered that an unauthorized used had access their systems and customer data between March 22nd and 23rd of 2019
Their investigation discovered that the unauthorized user was able to access the information for 100 million people in the United States and 6 million people in Canada. After fixing the vulnerability used in the breach, they provided information to the FBI who arrested the suspected hacker.
Due to the amount of personal information that was exposed and how it can be used for identity theft, it is strongly advised that users monitor their credit reports for suspicious activity and immediately report anything detected to both the police, Capital One, and the credit agencies. It is also strongly suggested that you freeze your credit report if you were affected to make it more difficult for bad actors to fraudulently take out credit in your name.
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