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30 September 2019
Anonymous researcher drops vBulletin zero-day impacting tens of thousands of sites
An anonymous security researcher has published details about a zero-day in vBulletin. Despite being a commercial product, vBulletin is today's most popular web forum software package, with a larger market share than open-source solutions like phpBB, XenForo, Simple Machines Forum, MyBB, and others. According to W3Techs, around 0.1% of all internet sites run a vBulletin forum. The percentage looks small, but it actually impacts billions of internet users.
This is a critical vulnerability as it allows an attacker to execute any command on the site, which could allow them to download malware, reverse shells, or tamper with the site's code. After news broke about this vulnerability, Chaouki Bekrar, the CEO of the Zerodium exploit acquisition company, tweeted that his company has known about this exploit for three years and that many researchers have been selling the exploit for some time. So while this public disclosure may have increased the uptick of attacks using this vulnerability, it has most likely been secretly used for some time.
The vBulletin team has released a patch for this vulnerability, which is now tracked under the CVE-2019-16759. ZDNet has also confirmed with Bad Packets, BinaryEdge, and GeryNoise that hackers are now actively using this vulnerability to attack vulnerable forums.
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Hacker Releases 'Unpatchable' Jailbreak For All iOS Devices, iPhone 4s to iPhone X
An iOS hacker and cybersecurity researcher today publicly released what he claimed to be a "permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit," in other words, an epic jailbreak that works on all iOS devices ranging from iPhone 4s (A5 chip) to iPhone 8 and iPhone X (A11 chip). Since the bootrom exploits are hardware-level issues and can not be patched without a hardware revision, a simple software update can't address the newly released bootrom exploit.
Dubbed Checkm8, the exploit leverages unpatchable security weaknesses in Apple's Bootrom (SecureROM), the first significant code that runs on an iPhone while booting, which, if exploited, provides greater system-level access. The new exploit came exactly a month after Apple released an emergency patch for another critical jailbreak vulnerability that works on Apple devices including the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR and the 2019 iPad Mini and iPad Air, running iOS 12.4 and iOS 12.2 or earlier.
It should be noted that the Checkm8 exploit itself is not a full jailbreak with Cydia, instead, is just an exploit which researchers and jailbreak community can use to develop a fully working jailbreak tool. The jailbreak only works on iPhones running Apple's A5 and A11 chipsets and does not work on the latest two chipsets, i.e., A12 and A13.
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Magecart skimmers seen targeting routers for customer Wi-Fi networks
Threat researchers at IBM X-Force IRIS have spotted activity by a known group of criminal Web malware operators that appears to be targeting commercial layer 7 routers, the type typically associated with Wi-Fi networks that use "captive portals" to either charge for Internet access or require customers to sign in. In the past, Magecart attacks have focused on exploiting Web infrastructure components of victims' e-commerce sites.
The group, called "Magecart 5," is one of several factions of criminal groups originally associated with the Magecart "web-skimmer," a class of JavaScript-based payment card stealing malware that has been used in the past to target customers on e-commerce websites. Ticketmaster, British Airways, and NewEgg customers were just some of the victims in a rash of exploits by Magecart rings in 2018, and the malware operators have continued to be active in 2019. According to researchers, hundreds of thousands of merchant sites have been compromised through attacks on third-party services.
The researchers also found evidence that the group was making modifications to an open source mobile application library used to create touch "sliders" to allow users to swipe through galleries. "[Magecart 5] has likely infected this code, corrupting it at its source to ensure that every developer using the slider will end up serving the attackers’ malicious code, leading to the compromise of user data of those using the finished product." That matches with Magecart 5's modus operandi of compromising third-party resources to get a broader effect, the researchers noted.
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