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25 November 2019
New Flaw Lets Rogue Android Apps Access Camera Without Permission
An alarming security vulnerability has been discovered in several models of Android smartphones manufactured by Google, Samsung, and others that could allow malicious apps to secretly take pictures and record videos — even when they don't have specific device permissions to do so.
The attack scenario involves a rogue app that only needs access to device storage (i.e., SD card), which is one of the most common requested permissions and does not raise any suspicion. According to researchers, by merely manipulating specific "actions and intents," a malicious app can trick vulnerable camera apps into performing actions on behalf of the attacker, who can then steal photos and videos from the device storage after being taken. Since smartphone camera apps already have access to required permissions, the flaw could allow attackers to indirectly and surreptitiously take photos, record videos, eavesdrop on conversations, and track location — even if the phone is locked, the screen is off, or the app is closed.
The Checkmarx research team responsibly reported their findings to Google in early July with the PoC app and a video demonstrating an attack scenario. Google confirmed and addressed the vulnerability in its Pixel line of devices with a camera update that became available in July, and contacted other Android-based smartphone OEMs in late August to inform them about the issue, which the company rated as "High" in severity. However, Google did not disclose the names of the affected manufacturers and models.
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Macy's Customer Payment Info Stolen in Magecart Data Breach
Macy's has announced that they have suffered a data breach due to their web site being hacked with malicious scripts that steal customer's payment information. This type of compromise is called MageCart attack and consists of hackers compromising a web site so that they can inject malicious JavaScript scripts into various sections of the web site. These scripts then steal payment information that is submitted by a customer.
According to a 'Notice of Data Breach' issued by Macy's, their web site was hacked on October 7th, 2019 and a malicious script was added to the 'Checkout' and 'My Wallet' pages. If any payment information was submitted on these pages while they were compromised, the credit card details and customer information was sent to a remote site under the attacker's control. As part of this breach, attackers were able to access customer information and credit card information that includes the customer's first name, last name, address, city, state,zip, phone number, email address, payment card number, payment card security code, and payment card month/year of expiration if submitted on a compromised page.
Macy's has started sending out emails to those who were affected and advise them to monitor their credit card statement for suspicious or fraudulent activity. If anything is detected, consumers should immediately contact their credit card company and dispute the charge. This isn't the first data breach notification to have been issued by Macy's. In June 2018, for example, Macy's notified customers that it had detected fraudulent attempts to use legitimate usernames and passwords to access customer accounts, also called Credential-Stuffing.
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