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24 February 2020
New Hacking Group Targets Gambling Firms
A newly identified hacking group has been targeting gambling companies in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, using backdoors to steal source code and other data, according to new research from security firm Trend Micro. They call this newly discovered advanced persistent threat group "DRBControl."
The exfiltrated data was mostly composed of databases and source codes, which leads us to believe that the campaign is used for cyberespionage or gaining competitive intelligence. The attacks associated with DRBControl start with a spear-phishing email that targets individuals or departments within a company, according to the report. In several cases, it appears the hacking group targeted companies' customer support team. The phishing emails that Trend Micro examined came with attached Microsoft Word documents that also contained screenshots meant to show a problem to customer support. Once the attachments were opened, executable files began installing malicious software in the background, the report notes.The Trend Micro researchers also noticed that there were different versions of this backdoor, including one that used Dropbox, a cloud-based file and hosting service, to connect to the command-and-control server. The DRBControl hackers also used Dropbox files to store any stolen data as well as information about the devices targeted in the attack, the report finds.
The researchers at Trend Micro note that some of the malicious tools used by DRBControl are the same as those deployed by other advanced persistent threat groups that have been linked to China's government. But they acknowledge that there's not enough evidence to establish a definitive link between these groups.
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Apple drops a bomb on long-life HTTPS certificates: Safari to snub new security certs valid for more than 13 months
Safari will, on September 1st this year, no longer accept new HTTPS certificates that expire more than 13 months from their creation date. That means websites using long-life SSL/TLS certs issued after the cut-off point will throw up privacy errors in Apple's browser. Older certs, issued prior to the deadline, are unaffected by this rule.
By implementing the policy in Safari, Apple will, by extension, enforce it on all iOS and macOS devices. This will put pressure on website admins and developers to make sure their certs meet Apple's requirements – or risk breaking pages on a billion-plus devices and computers. The aim of the move is to improve website security by making sure devs use certs with the latest cryptographic standards, and to reduce the number of old, neglected certificates that could potentially be stolen and re-used for phishing and drive-by malware attacks. If boffins or miscreants are able to break the cryptography in a SSL/TLS standard, short-lived certificates will ensure people migrate to more secure certs within roughly a year.
Companies need to look to automation to assist with certificate deployment, renewal, and lifecycle management to reduce human overhead and the risk of error as the frequency of certificate replacement increase. Let's Encrypt issues free HTTPS certificates that expire after 90 days, and provides tools to automate renewals.
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