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19 Jul 2021
iOS zero-day let SolarWinds hackers compromise fully updated iPhones
The Russian state hackers who orchestrated the SolarWinds supply chain attack last year exploited an iOS zero-day as part of a separate malicious email campaign aimed at stealing Web authentication credentials from Western European governments, according to Google and Microsoft.
In a post Google published on Wednesday, researchers Maddie Stone and Clement Lecigne said a “likely Russian government-backed actor” exploited the then-unknown vulnerability by sending messages to government officials over LinkedIn.
Attacks targeting CVE-2021-1879, as the zero-day is tracked, redirected users to domains that installed malicious payloads on fully updated iPhones. The attacks coincided with a campaign by the same hackers who delivered malware to Windows users, the researchers said.
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Ransomware Giant REvil’s Sites Disappear
Just days after President Biden demanded that Russian President Putin shut down ransomware groups, the servers of one of the biggest groups mysteriously went dark.
All of REvil’s Dark Web sites slipped offline as of early Tuesday morning, and it’s not clear whether it’s due to the ransomware gang getting busted or whether the threat actors did it on purpose.
One possibility: It could be that the U.S. shut down the servers. Then again, perhaps it was the Russian government. The timing would make sense, given the White House’s saber-rattling at Russia over the ransomware plague. The silenced servers come just a few days after President Biden called President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and demanded that he shut down ransomware groups attacking American targets.
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