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1 Nov 2021
Hitting the BlackMatter gang where it hurts: In the wallet
Earlier this year, Emsisoft researchers discovered a critical flaw in the BlackMatter ransomware that allowed them to help victims recover their files without paying a ransom, preventing millions of dollars falling into the hands of cybercriminals.
The work has been conducted quietly and privately so as not to alert the BlackMatter operators to the flaw. For the reasons discussed below, we believe it is now safe to share the story without jeopardizing the operation.
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EU to adopt new cybersecurity rules for smartphones, wireless, IoT devices
The European Commission has ordered an update to the Radio Equipment Directive in order to introduce new cybersecurity guidelines for radio and wireless equipment sold on the EU market, such as mobile phones, tablets, fitness trackers, and other smart IoT devices.
The new standards, which are currently scheduled to enter into effect by mid-2024, were adopted following a delegated act to the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), a piece of 2014 EU legislation that acts as the regulatory framework that equipment vendors must follow in order to sell electronic equipment on the EU market.
The delegated act, which is a bureaucratic mechanism used by the European Commission to tell EU bodies to update legislation, lists three new security measures that device makers must incorporate in the design of their products in order to be allowed to sell products in the EU.
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