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24 Jan 2022
Sketchy ‘Account Recovery’ Services Are Trying to Scam Hacking Victims on Twitter
People often get locked out of their online accounts. Sometimes they may have lost access to the email address registered to the account. Or perhaps the site or social network’s process for getting back in is so convoluted or ineffective, like Instagram’s, that people pay thousands of dollars for help from semi-professionals.
This market of third-party account recovery services is a seemingly ballooning industry, with some legitimate players and likely some scams too. And now they’re fighting over potential clients who tweet about their hacked or otherwise inaccessible accounts, using bots to automatically reply to people on Twitter pointing people to their recovery services.
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A Trip to the Dark Site — Leak Sites Analyzed
Gone are the days when ransomware operators were happy with encrypting files on-site and more or less discretely charged their victims money for a decryption key. What we commonly find now is encryption with the additional threat of leaking stolen data, generally called Double-Extortion (or, as we like to call it: Cyber Extortion or Cy-X).
This is a unique form of cybercrime in that we can observe and analyze some of the criminal action via 'victim shaming' leak sites.
Since January 2020, we have applied ourselves to identifying as many of these sites as possible to record and document the victims who feature on them. Adding our own research, analyzing, and enriching data scraped from the various Cy-X operators and market sites, we can provide direct insights into the victimology from this specific perspective.
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