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30 May 2022
Man who helped Infraud cybercrime cartel steal millions of credit cards sentenced
A Brooklyn resident was sentenced to four years in federal prison this week after pleading guilty to being an integral member of the Infraud Organization, a cybercrime cartel that stole over four million credit and debit card numbers and cost victims more than $568 million dollars.
John Telusma – a 37-year-old who went by “Peterelliot” online – is the 14th member of the Infraud gang to be charged in connection to the group’s activities, which the Justice Department said involved the “mass acquisition and sale of fraud-related goods and services, including stolen identities, compromised credit card data, computer malware, and other contraband.”
The group had members across the globe and the DOJ has already sentenced several members to lengthy prison sentences. After several undercover operations, U.S. officials partnered with law enforcement agencies across Europe, Australia and Asia to arrest 13 members of the group and shut down the Infraud website in February 2018.
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DuckDuckGo has a tracker blocking carve-out linked to Microsoft contract
DuckDuckGo, the self-styled “internet privacy company” — which, for years, has built a brand around a claim of non-tracking web search and, more recently, launched its own ‘private’ browser with built-in tracker blocking — has found itself in hot water after a researcher found hidden limits on its tracking protection that create a carve-out for certain advertising data requests by its search syndication partner, Microsoft.
The researcher in question, Zach Edwards, tweeted the findings of his audit — saying he had found DDG’s mobile browsers do not block advertising requests made by Microsoft scripts on non-Microsoft web properties.
Edwards had some Twitter back and forth with DDG’s founder and CEO Gabe Weinberg, who initially appeared to be attempting to play down the finding by emphasizing all the stuff he said DDG’s browser does block (e.g., third-party tracking cookies, including those from Microsoft).
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