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20 Jun 2022
The Ghost of Internet Explorer Will Haunt the Web for Years
After years of decline and a final wind-down over the past 13 months, on Wednesday Microsoft confirmed the retirement of Internet Explorer, the company’s long-lived and increasingly notorious web browser. Launched in 1995, IE came preinstalled on Windows computers for almost two decades, and like Windows XP, Internet Explorer became a mainstay—to the point that when it was time for users to upgrade and move on, they often didn’t. And while last week’s milestone will push even more users off the historic browser, security researchers emphasize that IE and its many security vulnerabilities are far from gone.
Microsoft says it will still support IE’s underlying browser engine, known as “MSHTML,” and it has its eye on versions of Windows still “used in critical environments.” But Maddie Stone, a researcher for Google’s Project Zero vulnerability hunting team, points out that hackers are still exploiting IE vulnerabilities in real-world attacks.
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‘Hermit’ Android spyware used in Syria, Kazakhstan and Italy
Organizations operating inside of Kazakhstan, Syria and Italy are using a powerful enterprise-grade spyware to break into people’s Android devices, according to a report released by cybersecurity firm Lookout.
Lookout researchers obtained a sample of what they call “Hermit” – a brand of surveillanceware they believe is developed by Italian spyware vendor RCS Lab S.p.A. and telecoms company Tykelab Srl.
In a report released on Thursday, the security company said the spyware is able to hide its capabilities in packages downloaded after it has been deployed, which the researchers said is generally done through SMS text messages.
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