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19 October 2019
German authorities raid FinFisher office
German authorities have raided the offices of FinFisher, a German software company that makes surveillance tools, accused in the past of providing software to oppressive regimes.
The signatories argued that FinFisher's malware had been installed on the devices of activists, political dissidents, and regular citizens in countries with oppressive regimes, countries to which FinFisher would have been prohibited from selling its software.
The company's products are usually detected as malware by most antivirus products, including major products like Windows Defender. FinFisher surveillance tools are available for Windows, iOS, and Android. In the past, cyber-security firms have spotted FinFisher infections in more than 20 countries. FinFisher markets its tools as meant for law enforcement investigations and intelligence agencies. Known customers include the German federal police and Berlin police. However, the company's tools have also been found on the devices of government critics and journalists in countries like Ethiopia, Bahrain, Egypt, and Turkey — countries where surveillance tools exports are prohibited.
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Microsoft, Others Dismantle Trickbot Botnet, Will Takedown Impact Be Temporary?
Microsoft collaborated with cybersecurity companies and government agencies to take down the million-device Trickbot botnet in an effort to help protect the Nov. 3 U.S. election and stop the global spread of ransomware and other malware. The botnet has been used to distribute a variety of malicious code, including the Ryuk ransomware variant, which the U.S. government has cited as a potential threat vector against the election. Microsoft says the malicious operators behind Trickbot will immediately attempt to recover.
Burt notes Microsoft was able to determine how the Trickbot botnet operated - including the infrastructure the malware used to communicate with and control victim computers, the way infected computers talk with each other and the botnet's mechanisms to evade detection and attempts to disrupt its operation. Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit used a new legal weapon against Trickbot. "Our case includes copyright claims against Trickbot's malicious use of our software code. This approach is an important development in our efforts to stop the spread of malware, allowing us to take civil action to protect customers in the large number of countries around the world that have these laws in place," Burt says.
Despite the takedown of the Trickbot botnet by Microsoft and others Monday, the malware is still functioning, and its operators retain the tools needed to rebuild their malicious network, some cybersecurity experts say. So, the impact, while significant, could prove to be temporary. Microsoft has used the U.S. court system to disrupt many illegal activities in the last year, including a move in March to disrupt the Necurs botnet.
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