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25 January 2021
Google Details Patched Bugs in Signal, FB Messenger, JioChat Apps
In January 2019, a critical flaw was reported in Apple's FaceTime group chats feature that made it possible for users to initiate a FaceTime video call and eavesdrop on targets by adding their own number as a third person in a group chat even before the person on the other end accepted the incoming call. The vulnerability was deemed so severe that the iPhone maker removed the FaceTime group chats feature altogether before the issue was resolved in a subsequent iOS update.
Since then, a number of similar shortcomings have been discovered in multiple video chat apps such as Signal, JioChat, Mocha, Google Duo, and Facebook Messenger — all thanks to the work of Google Project Zero researcher Natalie Silvanovich.
Not only did the flaws in the apps allow calls to be connected without interaction from the callee, but they also potentially permitted the caller to force a callee device to transmit audio or video data. Other messaging apps like Telegram and Viber were found to have none of the above flaws, although Silvanovich noted that significant reverse engineering challenges when analyzing Viber made the investigation "less rigorous" than the others. "It is also concerning to note that I did not look at any group calling features of these applications, and all the vulnerabilities reported were found in peer-to-peer calls. This is an area for future work that could reveal additional problems."
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SolarWinds Hackers Also Breached Malwarebytes Cybersecurity Firm
Malwarebytes on Tuesday said it was breached by the same group who broke into SolarWinds to access some of its internal emails, making it the fourth major cybersecurity vendor to be targeted after FireEye, Microsoft, and CrowdStrike. The company said its intrusion was not the result of a SolarWinds compromise, but rather due to a separate initial access vector that works by "abusing applications with privileged access to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure environments."
The news comes on the heels of a fourth malware strain called Raindrop that was found deployed on select victim networks, widening the arsenal of tools used by the threat actor in the sprawling SolarWinds supply chain attack.
After today's disclosure, Malwarebytes becomes the fourth major security vendor targeted by the UNC2452/Dark Halo threat actor, which US officials have linked to a Russian government cyber-espionage operation.
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Privacy Fines: Total GDPR Sanctions Reach $331 Million
Over the last 12 months, European data protection authorities imposed fines totaling 158.5 million euros ($192 million) under GDPR, which makes for a total of 272.5 million euros ($331 million) in fines levied since the law went into full effect on May 25, 2018, according to DLA Piper's latest GDPR and data breach report. Not all of those GDPR violations involved data breaches.
GDPR includes tough breach-notification rules, often requiring organizations that learn they've been breached to inform relevant authorities, including their national data protection authority, within 72 hours. Failure to comply exposes organizations to fines of up to 4% of their annual global revenue or 20 million euros ($24.3 million) - whichever is greater. Organizations can also see their ability to process people's personal data get revoked.
Since GDPR came into full effect, Italy's regulator has imposed the greatest total amount of fines, nearly $85 million, followed by Germany and France, which respectively imposed fines totaling $84 million and $66 million, the law firm says. Post-Brexit, the British government says that under U.K. law, GDPR compliance - together with the country's Data Protection Act 2018 - will continue to be enforced, although it says there will be "technical amendments" added "to ensure it can function in U.K. law." In addition, "the Information Commissioner remains the U.K.'s independent supervisory authority on data protection."
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